Worship Ministry


Here at Glad Tidings Assembly we want to worship God in abandonment every time we come together as a church body.   Just like in the Old Testament when the musicians would go before the army, we as a team are going before the message He has placed on Pastor’s heart for us as a congregation.   Being a part of the praise and worship team is both an honor and a privilege.   Our goal is simply seeking the Father’s heart as to what He is wanting to impart into the lives of the people who come.  What is God saying corporately today?   We don’t want to be distractions in any way.  This allows God to speak and be our main focus.   Let’s allow everything to fade away and let God take center stage, literally.  He is the one we look to. He’s the one we sing to.  He’s the one we play for.  We play for an audience of ONE.   All that really matters at the end of the day is that lives are changed by the power of our AWESOME creator who loves us and wants to use willing vessels that give their lives completely and totally over to Him.  We pray that as you worship with us that God supernaturally touches your lives!


Our vision is to see lives changed in the presence of God. To encourage our congregation to seek a deeper level of worship and reach the highest heights of praise.

Our philosophy is “If the pattern of our praise and worship to God is right, the glory will fall”. All of us are inspired by music. It affects every area of our lives. If we can build a phenomenal Music and Media Ministry, dedicated to bringing people into contact with a very real and awesome God, then we have the potential of changing not only our city, but our nation and world as well.


Our goal is to effectively minister unto the Lord and to the spiritual needs of our congregation, community and throughout the world through anointed singing, musical accompaniment, media and to provide an outlet for individuals to exercise their and abilities through this areas. Also providing a means of Christian fellowship and activities.


MINISTRY – NOT ENTERTAINMENT. To minister effectively in a dynamic ministering choir, worship team, band and media requires much PRAYER, PRACTICE, and a great amount of FAITHFULNESS.

The Music and Media Ministry at Glad Tidings Assembly offers a variety of opportunities for church members and regular attenders interested in using their experience and talents to serve the Lord.



 Opportunities to Serve

As always, we are looking for people who are willing to use their talents for God.  If you have a heart for worship and have skills or experience, we have ministry opportunities in sound board, Lyric/Computer Technician, musicians including drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and vocal. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Chris Kozlowski at gtag2121@gmail.com